3 May 2022

Arron Nyamayaro

A 26-year-old woman says she intends to sell her unborn child to raise money to support her other child living with disability. Ruvarashe Taruvinga, a mother of two girls, claimed she has put her unborn child on sale so that she can buy a wheelchair for her five-year-old child. She claimed her husband, Tawanda Banda (33) dumped her after she gave birth to a child with disability. Taruvinga also accuses Banda of allegedly tampering with her family planning tablets to get her pregnant, before dumping her. “Life has not been fair to me and I nearly committed suicide,” said Taruvinga. “My husband and in-laws neglected my child living with disability arguing that there was no one with such a condition in their family. “My husband devised a plan to impregnate and dump me. “He has since left for Malawi where he is now living. “I didn’t want another child considering the life I am living where I am failing to support this child on my back. “Anotori mwana saka handaida kuita mumwe mwana anodazve kuberekwa. “If I can find a couple that wants to pay for the child in my womb, I’d be grateful. “He is a boy, according to the scan. I am expecting the child in June, according to maternity records,” she said. Taruvinga, who is a vendor, told H-Metro she wanted to look after her child, living with disability, and help her get a good education. “I love the neglected child. She is my gift from God so I want money, as well as a wheelchair, to help her access everything, including education. “I am finding it difficult to make ends meet and that is why I saw that it was better to offer the unborn child to either Social Welfare or any willing couple. “I lost my national identity card and without that I cannot process anything at Social Welfare,” said Taruvinga. Born in a family of two, Taruvinga is the youngest child in her family.

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