Africa Moyo

19 April 2021

Civil registration documents such as national identity cards, birth certificates, death certificates and cattle brands will now all be free of charge during the ongoing national mobile registration blitz after President Mnangagwa’s intervention following requests by people. Registration requirements also has been eased to ensure that people can register easily. The President announced the development yesterday in his 42nd Independence address during the main celebrations at Barbourfields Stadium in Bulawayo. The Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage through the Civil Registry Department is conducting the national mobile registration exercise from April 1 until September 30, clearing the backlog created by the travel and working restrictions needed to combat Covid-19. At one stage civil registration officers were even closed. The speed up in issuing national identity documents will also enable citizens who wish to participate in next year’s harmonized elections to register as voters.

Free birth certificates, IDs for citizens

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