Moffat Mungazi

With Zimbabwe turning 42 on April 18, it is prudent to celebrate the major milestones the country has scored to date and this year’s theme for the Uhuru Day commemorations —

“Leaving no one and no place behind” — resonates well with the direction our education sector continues to take. It is therefore an opportunity to give an emphasis on the Nation`s educational system which can be used to attain the vision 2030. The Zimbabwean system has provided learners and students with a platform to acquire competitive primary, secondary and tertiary education. It has also allowed them to develop critical thinking and empowered them with the requisite skills.

The country’s education sector prepares learners to become socially and economically empowered citizens through provision of equitable, inclusive and quality education, the 2020 Education Sector Analysis (ESA) for Zimbabwe — prepared under the auspices of the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (MoPSE) — postulates. This is why Zimbabwe’s education system is held in high regard on the African continent.

Education that leaves no one behind

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