01 APR, 2022

Tendai Gukutikwa Post Correspondent

Violet Chipupuro (not real name) a 14 years girl, because of circumstances she had pushed to child labour. After her mother died and his father marries another wife, she left with no option that to look for job as maid to support her siblings and grandparents.  She is also an epileptic patient.  She said that because of the circumstances she faced when her mother dies, she was forced by circumstances to left her dream of become a nurse and independent women and start working as a maid in Mutare. Violet was due to start her secondary school when she was forced by circumstances to look for a job as a domestic worker in Mutare where she is looking after a middle-aged married couple and their four children, of which one is older than her. It is unveiled in the article that, there are agents on social media platforms who are responsible for the recruitment of children and young people in domestic works within the country and out of the country. On of the interviewd agent mentioned that they are doing a favour to the children for taking them from poverty not knowing they are violating the children`s rights.

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