28 March 2022

Prisca Manyiwa-Masuku

A KWEKWE man has been sued by his mother-in-law for allegedly abusing his pregnant teenage wife. Emmilia Mutambara dragged Edward Dube to the Kwekwe Civil Court for allegedly abusing her 16-year-old pregnant daughter. “I am making an application to seek the protection of the court against the respondent (Dube) who is in the habit of assaulting my daughter, insulting her and behaving violently towards her,” said Mutambara. However, Dube told the court: “I was advised that she is now my wife because of her condition. “We sat down when this (pregnancy) happened and they told me that the girl is now my wife and I am responsible for taking care of her. “They said I should cater for all her needs because she is still going to school. “I only assaulted her once when I caught her communicating with her ex- boyfriend so, as her husband, I was advising her to stop that. “If they stop me from approaching their place of residence, how then will I be able to take care of her needs?” Magistrate Mildred Matuvi ruled that Dube must stop abusing his teenage wife and should not visit her parents’ home.

Mother-in-law drags daughter’s hubby to court

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