21 March 2022

Melissa Makoto and Arron Nyamayaro

A 15-year-old girl is nursing a baby born after she was impregnated by her brother. Herbert, a father of one, who lives in Seke, raped his sister three times, last year. The victim gave birth to a son, a month ago, and the incestuous act came to light after Herbert impregnated another woman. The duo’s biological father told H-Metro his sister was the one who noticed some changes on the victim. “I was not around when this happened, my sister is the one who noticed my daughter’s body changing and so she questioned her,” he said. “At first she denied that she was pregnant. However, her aunt kept on interrogating her until she disclosed being raped by her blood brother. “She gave birth to a baby boy a month later after she confessed what had happened.” He added Hebert left for Murehwa to pay lobola for another woman he had impregnated. “Herbert anga atizirwawo nemumwe musikana saka akaenda kwaMurehwa achiti ari kunobvisa tsvakirai kuno. “He switched off his mobile after learning that the case was taken to police. “One of the villagers rushed to post, in our village WhatsApp group, about the issue, so he saw the messages, and now his numbers are not reachable. “He hasn’t come back yet and we do not know his whereabouts. “We reported the case to the police and my daughter was taken by psychologists, from the Girl Child Organisation, where she is receiving counselling. “The process helped her, and us a lot, in accepting what had happened, she was even thinking of running away but she is okay now.” The victim was in Form 1, when she was raped. “My wife and I want our child to go back to school, she was in Form 1, going into Form 2,” he said. “Therefore, I’m appealing to anyone who wants to help with anything, especially with baby formula,” he said. The case is being handled at Dema Police Station.

Man rapes, impregnates 15-year-old sister

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