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Director’s Note

As ZNCWC we are excited to be part of the Christian Aid family in Zimbabwe and globally. It is clear that the partnership will bring children’s voices to the fore especially when vulnerability of children has increased despite all our efforts to protect all them. The Zimbabwean State has put in place progressive laws and policies to ensure that children’s rights are realised in their totality. However, there are still laws that remain unaligned to the 2013 Constitution. We want to encourage the government in 2022 to make sure these laws are aligned hence our efforts to facilitate the Parliamentary Caucus on Children’s Rights which awaits its launch by the Speaker of Parliament. We also want to encourage the government to report to the treaty bodies like the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child and UNCRC timeously. In the same vein we want to congratulate the government on its Universal Period Review report that has just been presented to the Human Rights Council in Geneva on 26 January 2022. There are a number of positives in that report which require complementary support by the children’s sector in Zimbabwe.

ZNCWC National Director, Rev. Taylor Nyanhete

“Now more than ever, the increasing measures to end violence against children needs to be energized, equipped, encouraged, funded, and inspired in zimbabwe. Together we can end violence against children.”

Rev. Taylor Nyanhete



Major Highlights


The Zimbabwe National Council for the Welfare of Children (ZNCWC) led the Child Rights Coalition, a grouping of likeminded civil society actors, in advocating for the establishment of the Parliamentary Caucus on Child Rights in 2020. The objective of being to streamline and improve coordination of children’s rights issues in Parliament. Having constituted the Caucus and with the Speaker of Parliament’s authority, all was set for the launch of the newest baby of Parliament of Zimbabwe in April 2021. However, due to the succession of movement and gathering restrictions couched in the national lockdown the launch was postponed. On the bright side, the Parliamentary Caucus on Child Rights has been operational since and has contributed to advocacy on children’s rights laws being harmonized and aligned with the Constitution. The Caucus has since been a point of focus on Parliamentary engagement and dialogues on children’s issues.



A coordinated and effective child rights sector demonstrating influence and impact towards realization of child rights



To effectively coordinate the Child Rights Coalition for the common good of children


What Clients Are Saying

“ZNCWC strengthened my capacity as a child rights advocate through their trainings on child participation for the Junior Assembly members”

Former Junior Member of Parliament for Harare West

“A coordinated child rights sector is more effective in bringing about the desired change and promotion of child rights”

Child Rights Coalition member

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